Associazione Mauro De André

The Mauro De André Association was founded in Genoa by the relatives, friends and colleagues of the lawyer Mauro De André, which died prematurely in 1989.

The Association was nationally recognized and its purposes, according to its articles of associations, are:

Giving prizes to people that particularly excel in the law area. According to its purposes, the Association (since its foundations till nowadays) gave several scholarships and prizes to deserving young people in the law area and actively participates in such activities.

In particular, the Association works in collaboration with the Genoa Bar Association and the University of Genoa -law school-, in the organization and management of the De André school for legal professions (founded by the Genoa Bar Association under D.P.R. 101/90) whose purpose is the vocational training of graduates in law that intend to become lawyers.

De André law firm cooperates with the Association. The firm has two offices one in Genoa and the other one in Milan, it is composed by more than 20 lawyers and gives its support to carry out the Association’s activities.

Mr. Bruno Elia, Senior Partner of De André Law Firm, is Vice-president of the Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the Forensic School.

Mauro De André Association
Office hours: Tuesday – Friday 9:30-12:30
Fontane Marose Square, 6/3 – 16121 Genova
Telephone number: +39 010 566713
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