Crea & Partners

Studio Legale DE ANDRÉ has started a best friendship relation with CREA & PARTNERS, a law firm specialized in corporate and commercial law, as well as in the connected fields of insurance, banking and financial services.

Such best friendship has been realized with the opening of CREA & PARTNERS’ Milan office in shared premises with Studio Legale DE ANDRÉ. CREA & PARTNERS will avail itself of the competence and qualifications of Studio Legale DE ANDRÉ in the fields of compliance and data protection law, intellectual property rights as well as labor law.

Through this partnership, Studio Legale DE ANDRÉ and CREA & PARTNERS wish to further develop their focus on specialization and at the same time enlarge it.

This multi-disciplinary and business oriented approach is well combined with the common international vocation, which is realized through the presence in our firms of attorneys qualified to practice in different jurisdictions, such as New York, France and Austria.

Avv. Cino Raffa Ugolini

Foreign languages: English, French

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Avv. Laurent Scarna

Foreign languages: French, English

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Avv. Chiara Mantelli

Foreign languages: English

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